[Evaluation of "Wallstrasse 16", day facility for the homeless and needy in Basel].


"16, Wallstrasse, Common House for homeless and indigent People" in Basel is a new kind of facility in the range of already existing low threshold institutions of common kitchen, low threshold centre and night's lodging. This daycenter has the objective to offer homeless and indigent persons a place of tranquility rest where they can make new acquaintances and feel at home. In addition, its various facilities meet the sanitary needs of its clientele. The evaluation of the "Wallstrasse" was conducted by the Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine of the Basel University on behalf of the Federal Office of Health. Combining qualitative and quantitative research methods it inquired 1.) to what extent the institution realized its own objectives and 2.) if and how it met the needs of its target group. The evaluation revealed that its clientele mainly consisted of marginalized consumers of illegal drugs exclusively coming from that very area and often living in unstable housing conditions. Thus, the intended target group was reached. Within a year's time the attendance increased from 10 to 80 visitors a day to a high frequency of use. All of the various facilities of the house were used and appreciated. The evaluation stressed the significance as a place of tranquility and rest offering shelter not found in the street. The daycenter fills a gap in the range of low threshold services and contributes to the drug scene remove from the street. It establishes the base for extended social work which however cannot be properly realized due to the shortage of personnel. The evaluation found a good acceptance among the residents as well as a conflict free relationship with the police and a good cooperation with other institutions.

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