Evaluation of TagSeq, a reliable low-cost alternative for RNAseq.

  title={Evaluation of TagSeq, a reliable low-cost alternative for RNAseq.},
  author={Brian K Lohman and Jesse N. Weber and Daniel I Bolnick},
  journal={Molecular ecology resources},
  volume={16 6},
RNAseq is a relatively new tool for ecological genetics that offers researchers insight into changes in gene expression in response to a myriad of natural or experimental conditions. However, standard RNAseq methods (e.g., Illumina TruSeq® or NEBNext® ) can be cost prohibitive, especially when study designs require large sample sizes. Consequently, RNAseq is often underused as a method, or is applied to small sample sizes that confer poor statistical power. Low cost RNAseq methods could… CONTINUE READING