Evaluation of TOPCon Technology on Large Area Solar Cells

  title={Evaluation of TOPCon Technology on Large Area Solar Cells},
  author={Frank Feldmann and Bernd Steinhauser and Varun Arya and Andreas B{\"u}chler and Andreas Brand and Sven Kluska and Martin Hermle and Stefan W. Glunz},
Passivating contacts, like TOPCon or poly-Si/SiOx, have pushed the efficiency of crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells notably. Currently, the world-record efficiency of 25.7% for a both-sided contact solar cell has been achieved by an n-type solar cell featuring a selective boron front emitter and a passivating rear contact (TOPCon). Like the 25%-efficient PERL cell, this record cell was realized on a small area of 2x2 cm2 using lab processes, like photolithography and evaporation of metal… CONTINUE READING

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