Evaluation of Syntactic Phrase Indexing -- CLARIT NLP Track Report

  title={Evaluation of Syntactic Phrase Indexing -- CLARIT NLP Track Report},
  author={Xiang Tong and ChengXiang Zhai and Natasa Milic-Frayling and David A. Evans},
The CLARIT NLP track e ort is focused on evaluating the usefulness of syntactic phrases for document indexing. The CLARIT system has several NLP techniques integrated with the vector space retrieval model [Evans et al. 91, Evans et al. 95]. The NLP techniques used in CLARIT include morphological analysis, robust noun-phrase parsing, and automatic construction of rst order thesauri, among others. One main feature of CLARIT indexing is that it emphasizes phrase-based indexing with di erent… CONTINUE READING
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