Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum for Fermentable Sugar Production Potential 1

  title={Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum for Fermentable Sugar Production Potential 1},
  author={G. A. Smith and Marvin O. Bagby and R. T. Lewellan and Devon L. Doney and Paul H. Moore and Frederick Jackson Hills and Larry G. Campbell and George J. Hogaboam and Gerald E. Coe and Kelly C. Freeman},
  journal={Crop Science},
Etude dans 6 stations de latitudes 47 o N a 21 o N non habituellement associees a la production de sorgho sucre aux USA 

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of nitrogenous fertilizer application and the difference of environment between Japan and Indonesia on sugar accumulation by sweet sorghum
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Bio-Fuel Potential of Some Sweet Sorghum Genotypes [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench ssp. saccharatum]
This study aimed to determine the bio-fuel potential of some sweet sorghum genotypes in semi-arid climatic conditions and found that Nebraska sugar, Topper 76, Smith, M81E and Corina genotypes were found as the best.
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Sweet sorghum cultivars have been bred for high sugar content; with accompanying adequate forage yield, the crop may offer potential for ensiling and in vivo digestibility (IVODMD) and intake.


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A comparison of lignin contents determined by two methods on two replicated samples receiving one of three pretreatments is reported for freeze-dried sweet sorghum. The pretreatments were: extraction
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