Evaluation of Repellency Effect of Two Natural Aroma Mosquito Repellent Compounds, Citronella and Citronellal *

  title={Evaluation of Repellency Effect of Two Natural Aroma Mosquito Repellent Compounds, Citronella and Citronellal *},
  author={Jeong-Kyu Kim and Chang Soo Kang and Jong-Kwon Lee and Young-Ran Kim and Hye-Yun Han and Hwa Kyung Yun},
  journal={Entomological Research},
Repellent efficacies of two natural aroma compounds, citronella and citronellal, against mosquitoes, Culex pipiens pallens, were evaluated both in field and in vitro. In vitro, the experiment was conducted with three controlled bands impregnated with 30% citronella extract, 15% citronella extract and 30% citronellal extract, and with bands impregnated 30% citronella in field. Data was obtained by the means of counting numbers bitten by mosquitoes per unit time, namely human bait method… 
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Citronella grass has been serving from years as a mosquito repellent in the field of ancient and modern medicine. Commercially available mosquito repellents are chemical based and disastrous to human
The present developed product that offer high repellency not only customer safety but also harmless to environment is shown to be safe and effective against mosquitoes.
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All over the developing countries in the tropical region mosquito menace has been very acute leading to many diseases. Many chemicals have been used for the purpose of Mosquito repellency or killing,
From the non-toxicity and availability point of view the traditional use of repellent products should be promoted in society.


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A 1% neem oil-kerosene mixture may provide economical personal protection from mosquito bites and reduced biting of human volunteers and catches of mosquitoes resting on walls in the rooms.
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Both the KBR 3023 and DEET formulations were found to be equally effective in providing a long-lasting reduction in human-mosquito contact in both the day and night field studies.
Laboratory and field evaluations of the insect repellent 3535 (ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate) and deet against mosquito vectors in Thailand.
This study clearly documents the potential of IR3535 for use as a topical treatment against a wide range of mosquito species belonging to several genera and provides a high degree of protection against various mosquito vectors ranging from 94 to 100% during the test periods.
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Deet, the lactone CIC-4, and the piperidine compounds A13-37220 and A13-35765 were evaluated for initial repellency against laboratory-reared Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann, An. freeborni Aitken, An.
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Les substances derivees du «neem», efficaces contre les insectes sont examines (influence sur le comportement de fixation, la ponte, la prise de nourriture, la metamorphose, la fecondite, la fitners)
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The experimental data suggest that this case was due to an immunologic response (immediate hypersensitivity) and demarcates the specificity of response.