Evaluation of Organic and Inorganic Compounds Extractable by Multiple Methods from Commercially Available Crumb Rubber Mulch

  title={Evaluation of Organic and Inorganic Compounds Extractable by Multiple Methods from Commercially Available Crumb Rubber Mulch},
  author={Gaboury Benoit and Sara Demars},
  journal={Water, Air, \& Soil Pollution},
Recycled tires are often shredded for use in a variety of consumer-related products. The rubber so used may contain a number of compounds known to be deleterious to human and environmental health. We obtained nine samples of shredded tire material sold over the counter to the general public for home use, as well as six samples used for infill in synthetic turf athletic fields. After thorough cleaning and grinding, samples were extracted with either organic solvent (dichloromethane), strong acid… 
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Hazardous organic chemicals in rubber recycled tire playgrounds and pavers.
The study evidences the high content of toxic chemicals in these recycled materials, especially those targeting play areas and other facilities for children, and should be a matter of regulatory concern.
Bioaccessibility and Risk of Exposure to Metals and SVOCs in Artificial Turf Field Fill Materials and Fibers.
The study demonstrated that for the products and fields tested, exposure to infill and artificial turf was generally considered de minimus, with the possible exception of lead for some fields and materials.
Toxicological Assessment of Coated versus Uncoated Rubber Granulates Obtained from Used Tires for Use in Sport Facilities
  • J. Gomes, H. Mota, +8 authors I. Veloso
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
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It was concluded that between the two types of coatings tested, one is particularly effective in reducing emissions to the environment, simultaneously meeting the requirements of adherence and color stability.
Comparison of batch and column tests for the elution of artificial turf system components.
B batch test procedures might not be suitable for the risk assessment of synthetic sporting ground components, especially the very high turbidity of one ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) eluates, reflect the stronger mechanical stress of batch testing.
Investigation of PAH and other hazardous contaminant occurrence in recycled tyre rubber surfaces. Case-study: restaurant playground in an indoor shopping centre
The objective of this case study was to investigate the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other hazardous organic chemicals in a recycled tyre playground surface (in an indoor