Evaluation of Neonatal Hemolytic Jaundice: Clinical and Laboratory Parameters

  title={Evaluation of Neonatal Hemolytic Jaundice: Clinical and Laboratory Parameters},
  author={Anet Papazovska Cherepnalkovski and Vjekoslav Kr{\vz}elj and Beti Zafirovska-Ivanovska and Todor Gruev and Jo{\vs}ko Marki{\'c} and Natasa Aluloska and Nikolina Zdraveska and Katica Piperkovska},
  booktitle={Open access Macedonian journal of medical sciences},
BACKGROUND Neonatal jaundice that occurs in ABO or Rhesus issoimunisation has been recognized as one of the major risk factors for development of severe hyperbilirubinemia and bilirubin neurotoxicity. AIM Aim of our study was to investigate clinical and laboratory parameters associated with hemolytic jaundice due to Rh and ABO incompatibility and compare results with the group of unspecific jaundice. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred sixty seven (167) neonatal hyperbilirubinemia cases were… CONTINUE READING