Evaluation of Millimeter-Wave Line-of-Sight Probability With Point Cloud Data

  title={Evaluation of Millimeter-Wave Line-of-Sight Probability With Point Cloud Data},
  author={Jan Jarvelainen and Sinh Le Hong Nguyen and Katsuyuki Haneda and Reza Naderpour and Usman Tahir Virk},
  journal={IEEE Wireless Communications Letters},
Line-of-sight (LOS) probability is an integral part of radio channel models for cellular network design and evaluation. The probability along with the pathloss models in LOS and non-LOS scenarios gives us an estimate of the cellular coverage. In this letter, we present a novel method to evaluate the LOS probability by using point cloud data obtained with laser scanning. The LOS probability is derived for two new scenarios, an urban open square and a shopping mall, along with an office… CONTINUE READING
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