Evaluation of Mechanical Property Analysis of Jute and Glass Fibre Composites


Composites are a combination of two materials in which one of the material is Called the reinforcing phase, is in the form of fibers, sheets, or particles, and is Embedded in the other material called the matrix phase. composites have been used extensively in applications such as pipes, boats, aerospace, and pressure vessels etc. Research to get new composites of desired properties is under progress. In these direction new composites with properties such as high specific strength, high chemical resistance, high resistance to electricity, high resistance to heat have been developed and compared.In this project jute and glass fiber and matrics composites used for polyster and epoxy have been manufactured, tested and the results have been compared. In comparison it was found that the mechanical properties and cost of jute manufactured by hand lay – up is better than Glass Fibre. This will find application in the fields, such as automotive body panels, decorative roofs, pipes, doors, windows, boats, chemical containers, coating for sea bridges, etc.

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