Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Slag Reinforced Polymer Composite

  • Prasad Kalapala
  • Published 2014


In order to meet the dynamic desires of the design engineers the conventional materials are not alone enough. So, by combining these traditional materials with some nontraditional materials hybrid properties can be achieved which is the origin for the composite materials. Huge amount of minerals are released from the many industries as a waste materials, by appropriate usage of these industrial waste to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of the conventional polymer materials The objective of present work is to use this industrial waste i.e. slag which is generated during the production of pig iron in the blast furnace as particulate filler material to the organic resin at different weight fractions to study the mechanical behavior of reinforced polymer composite material. Unsaturated orthophthalic polyester resin is selected as a matrix material due to its availability, low cost and easy to mould at room temperature. The slag is reinforced in different proportions with resin along with the accelerator (cobalt) and hardener (methyl ethyl ketone peroxide) and Silane as a coupling agent to prepare samples. Uni-axial tensile test, 3-point loaded flexural test and Vnotched impact tests are carried out to study the mechanical properties experimentally. The slag is mixed with resin and poured in a mould to form specimen of required dimensions as per ASTM standards. 10%, 20%, 30% of slag wt% and t 0.3% and 0.5% Silane wt is taken to make the specimen. It is observed that load carrying capacity is increased with increase in wt% of slag. The tensile Strength of pure resin, the Specific tensile strength the average tensile modulus is improved and flexural strength is 2.4675 times more than that of pure polyester but the value is decreased gradually with addition of coupling agent. Similarly the flexural modulus obtained is also as high as approximately 5 times more than that of pure polyester resin. The impact strength is decreased with increase in wt% of slag, gradually The impact strength of particulate composite can be improved by increasing the fineness of the powder.

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