Evaluation of MMCs for High-Power Low-Voltage DC-Applications in Combination with the Module LLC-Design

  title={Evaluation of MMCs for High-Power Low-Voltage DC-Applications in Combination with the Module LLC-Design},
  author={Roland Unruh and Frank Schafmeister and Joachim B{\"o}cker},
  journal={2020 22nd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'20 ECCE Europe)},
In this paper, a full-bridge modular multilevel converter (MMC) and two half-bridge-based MMCs are evaluated for high-current low-voltage e.g. 100 – 400V DC-applications such as electrolysis, arc welding or datacenters with DC-power distribution. Usually, modular multilevel converters are used in high-voltage DC-applications (HVDC) in the multiple kV-range, but to meet the needs of a high-current demand at low output voltage levels, the modular converter concept requires adaptations. In the… Expand

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