Evaluation of MIMO Techniques in FH-MA Ad Hoc Networks

  title={Evaluation of MIMO Techniques in FH-MA Ad Hoc Networks},
  author={Kostas Stamatiou and John G. Proakis and James R. Zeidler},
  journal={IEEE GLOBECOM 2007 - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference},
We consider an ad hoc network where frequency hopping (FH), convolutional coding and multiple antennas are employed in order to combat fading and multiple access (MA) interference. The transmitters are distributed in space according to the Poisson distribution and the corresponding receivers are situated at a fixed distance. Under a channel model that accounts for Rayleigh fading and path-loss, we derive an approximation to the frame-error-probability (FEP). This is in turn used to obtain… CONTINUE READING
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