Evaluation of Intel Memory Drive Technology Performance for Scientific Applications

  title={Evaluation of Intel Memory Drive Technology Performance for Scientific Applications},
  author={V. Mironov and A. Kudryavtsev and Y. Alexeev and A. Moskovsky and I. Kulikov and I. Chernykh},
  journal={Proceedings of the Workshop on Memory Centric High Performance Computing},
In this paper, we present benchmark data for Intel Memory Drive Technology (IMDT), which is a new generation of Software-defined Memory (SDM) based on Intel ScaleMP collaboration and using 3D XPointTM based Intel Solid-State Drives (SSDs) called Optane. We studied IMDT performance for synthetic benchmarks, scientific kernels, and applications. We chose these benchmarks to represent different patterns for computation and accessing data on disks and memory. To put performance of IMDT in… Expand
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