[Evaluation of HIV-related continuing education programs for established physicians].


Neither the HIV-specialists, the cooperating specialists, nor the family physicians are required to have special qualifications to treat HIV-infected patients. CME-courses don't consider the very different fields of interest of the participants or that the transfer of knowledge is quite important to ensure the quality of medical care. Questionnaires regarding HIV related topics were distributed in nine HIV-CME courses (9/93-5/94) of the DAGNA (German association of panel physicians treating HIV-infected patients) in cooperation with the society of physicians of Germany and the association of public health insurances. The satisfaction of the participants, the topics with regard to their relevance for the task group, the importance for the daily routine, and didactic manners were investigated. Feed-back: 41%. Although the general impression of most participants was "quite satisfying" (87%) there was some critic regarding special aspects. The rating of the courses depended on the level of qualification. Specialists in internal medicine rated the relevance for their medical practice, the topics and the possibility of contribution more positive than other specialists or general practitioners (GP). In general, there was a great difference regarding the rating of the courses among the participants because of their individual level of qualification and knowledge. In order to take the different levels of qualification and demands for topics into account there must be graduated courses: specialists, experts, elementary and beginner courses. The basic courses should contain not only the lectures but also the possibility of an active contribution of the participants. Adequate guidelines have to be developed.

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