Evaluation of FAST TCP in Low-Speed DOCSIS-based Access Networks

  title={Evaluation of FAST TCP in Low-Speed DOCSIS-based Access Networks},
  author={L.L.H. Andrew and Irena Atov and David Kennedy and Bartek P. Wydrowski},
  journal={TENCON 2005 - 2005 IEEE Region 10 Conference},
There is strong evidence that the efficiency of the Internet is limited by its existing TCP congestion control system. A replacement, FAST, has been shown to improve performance in high-speed networks. In order to achieve widespread acceptance and standardisation, it must also be tested in environments more typical of the existing Internet. This paper experimentally evaluates the performance of FAST over a typical access link, with bandwidths of around 0.5-3 Mbps. Links both using the DOCSIS… CONTINUE READING