• Geography, Biology
  • Published 2011

Evaluation of Economic Traits of Balochi and Bibrik (Beverigh) Sheep Breeds of Balochistan, Pakistan

  title={Evaluation of Economic Traits of Balochi and Bibrik (Beverigh) Sheep Breeds of Balochistan, Pakistan},
  author={Mohammad Sharif Kakar and Abdul Waheed and Masroor Ahmad Bajwa},
This study was conducted to evaluate the performance of Balochi and Bibrik (Beverigh) sheep breeds reared under farm flock system at sheep research Centre Yetabad, Balochistan. Records on fourteen hundred and five (n=1171) lambs (Balochi (n=630) and Beverigh (n=541)) descended from (n=490) ewes and (n=46) rams data were collected for period of three years (2005 - 2007). Traits were evaluated for male and female lambs of weights at birth (BW), 120 days Weaning weight (WW), 180 days (6MW), 365… CONTINUE READING

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