Evaluation of Cryoprotective Agents for Use in the Cryopreservation of Equine Spermatozoa

  title={Evaluation of Cryoprotective Agents for Use in the Cryopreservation of Equine Spermatozoa},
  author={Tracey S Chenier and Katrina Merkies and Stanley P. Leibo and Claire Plante and Walter D. Johnson},
The first equine pregnancy using sperm cryopreserved in glycerol was reported in 1957,1 and glycerol is still considered the optimal cryoprotectant for equine sperm.2–4 However, this opinion is largely based on data from other species, and research that evaluates additional cryoprotective agents (CPA’s) specifically for equine sperm is lacking. Other compounds such as ethylene glycol, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), and propylene glycol are used successfully for embryo freezing, and many have been… CONTINUE READING


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