Evaluation of Chapman's neurolymphatic reflexes via applied kinesiology: a case report of low back pain and congenital intestinal abnormality.

  • Marcello L Caso
  • Published 2004 in
    Journal of manipulative and physiological…


OBJECTIVE To describe the applied kinesiologic evaluation of Chapman's neurolymphatic (NL) reflexes in the management of a person with an unusual congenital bowel abnormality and its role in the manifestation of low back pain. The theoretical foundations of these reflexes will be elaborated on and practical applications discussed. CLINICAL FEATURES A 29-year-old man had chronic low back pain. Radiographs of the patient's lumbar spine and pelvis were normal. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a mild protrusion of the fifth lumbar disk. Oral anti-inflammatory agents, cortisone injections, and chiropractic manipulative therapy provided little relief. Though generally in robust health, the patient was aware of a congenital intestinal abnormality diagnosed when he was a child; it was thought to be of no consequence with regard to his current back condition. INTERVENTION AND OUTCOME The patient's history, combined with applied kinesiology examination, indicated a need to direct treatment to the large bowel. The essential diagnostic indicators were the analysis of the Chapman's neurolymphatic reflexes themselves, coupled with an evaluation of the traditional acupuncture meridians. The primary prescribed therapy was the stimulation of these reflexes by the patient at home. This intervention resulted in the resolution of the patient's musculoskeletal symptomatology, as well as improved bowel function. CONCLUSION The rather remarkable outcome from the application of this relatively simple, yet valuable, diagnostic and therapeutic procedure represents a thought-provoking impetus for future study and clinical application.


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