Evaluation of CSF-adenosine deaminase activity in tubercular meningitis.

  title={Evaluation of CSF-adenosine deaminase activity in tubercular meningitis.},
  author={Indarajeet Singh Gambhir and Mehul Mehta and Divyendu Singh and H. D. Khanna},
  journal={The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India},
  volume={47 2},
Sixty patients of inflammatory brain disease were diagnosed and classified according to clinico-investigational criteria by Ahuja et al into tuberculous meningitis group (36 patients) and non-tuberculous meningitis group (24 patients). Tuberculous meningitis (TBM) patients were classified as probable (9 patients) and possible (27 patients) TBM. Non-TBM group comprised of pyogenic meningitis (8.3%), viral encephalitis (23.3%), cerebral malaria (5%) and enteric encephalopathy (3.3… CONTINUE READING