[Evaluation of COPD patients using CAT-COPD assessment test].


INTRODUCTION Purposes and objectives. CAT test is a simple questionnaire that quantifies the impact of COPD on patients and doctor-patient communication; it is a complex questionnaire that evaluates the lung function and the impact on quality of life. The score ranges from 0 to 40. The higher the score, the bigger the health problems are. This questionnaire can be used in any language and country, by all COPD patients. METHOD AND MATERIALS We evaluated 71 COPD patients from Clinical Hospital "Victor Babeş" Craiova between 2010-2011. These patients were included in a respiratory rehabilitation program of 16 sessions of physical exercises and education for 8 weeks. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS The average final score was with 12.86% lower than baseline score. The average CAT score after rehabilitation for COPD stage I recorded the best decrease with 16.23%. The program of respiratory rehabilitation has a positive impact no matter BMI. CONCLUSIONS CAT questionnaire is a sensitive test, easy to fill in that improves the doctor patient communication with a great impact on quality of life.

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