Evaluation of Aconitum diterpenoid alkaloids as antiproliferative agents.

  title={Evaluation of Aconitum diterpenoid alkaloids as antiproliferative agents.},
  author={Koji Wada and Emika Ohkoshi and Yu Zhao and Masuo Goto and Susan Lynne Morris-Natschke and Kuo-Hsiung Lee},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={25 7},
Little information has been reported on the antitumor effects of the diterpenoid alkaloid constituents of Aconitum plants, used in the herbal drug 'bushi'. This study was aimed at determining the antitumor activities of Aconitum C19-and C20-diterpenoid alkaloids and synthetic derivatives against lung (A549), prostate (DU145), nasopharyngeal (KB), and vincristine-resistant nasopharyngeal (KB-VIN) cancer cell lines. Newly synthesized C20-diterpenoid alkaloid derivatives showed substantial… CONTINUE READING