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Evaluation of 3 Phase Dry Transformer under Non-Sinusoidal Load Currents and Unbalanced Voltage Supply

  title={Evaluation of 3 Phase Dry Transformer under Non-Sinusoidal Load Currents and Unbalanced Voltage Supply},
  author={Seyed Reza Karimpour-Mouziraji and I. Ahmadi},
Unbalanced voltages can result in adverse effects on equipment, which is intensified by the fact that a small unbalance in the phase voltages can cause a disproportionately larger unbalance in the phase currents. In this paper a 15 kVA 3-phase dry transformer has been analyzed using theoretical modeling. Specifically, modeling the transformer under nonlinear and linear loads under un-balanced supply voltage in 3D has been investigated. Transformer loss under linear loads is compared with non… Expand

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