Evaluation and outcome of the delorme procedure in the treatment of rectal outlet obstruction.


PURPOSE This study was designed to assess the results of the Delorme procedure in the treatment of patients with rectal outlet obstruction. METHODS A descriptive retrospective study from October 1989 to October 1997 was undertaken. Thirty-four patients with an abnormal defecography documenting rectal outlet obstruction caused by internal rectal prolapse or a combination of internal rectal prolapse and rectocele were included in the study. RESULTS Thirty-four patients (33 females) ages 35 to 82 (mean, 61.4) years were followed up for the duration of the study (mean follow-up, 43 months). Twenty-six patients (76.4 percent) reported a good to excellent overall result after the Delorme procedure. Eight patients (23.6 percent) reported fair to poor results. Symptomatic improvement was observed in 89.7 percent for patients who had incomplete evacuation, and in 88.5 percent of patients who had constipation. There was improvement in 78.6 percent of patients with bleeding per rectum, in 92.9 percent of patients with straining, and in 82.4 percent of patients with the need to manually assist in defecation by pushing in the perineum or vagina. Discontinuation of laxative use after the procedure was reported by 66.7 percent of patients. Improvement in the patients with some degree of incontinence was seen in 33.3 percent. Twelve patients (35.3 percent) experienced one or more complications. The procedure was performed in an outpatient setting in 71 percent of the patients. CONCLUSIONS The Delorme procedure for the treatment of rectal outlet obstruction can be done with minimal morbidity, short hospital stay often in an outpatient setting, with good functional results, and with an overall patient satisfaction above 75 percent.


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