Evaluation and assessment in software engineering 1998


Effective software engineering requires empirical data and methods. We use them to help manage the projects we undertake, assess the quality of the products we produce and to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our methods and tools. To advance Software Engineering requires sound methods of applying these empirical approaches and experience of applying them in practice. The EASE 98 conference carried on from the success of the EASE 97 conference in Volume 39, Number 11 of Information and Software Technology. EASE 98 was held at Keele University at the end of March 1998 and was sponsored by British Telecom, NCC Education, the IEE and the BCS, with support in administration from the Universities of Keele and Sunderland. This year in order to achieve a balance between theoretical and practical studies two forms of paper were sought: full conference papers and what we termed experience or concise papers, which only required the author to submit a copy of the slides to be used. However, in many cases the authors of experience reports chose to submit short papers and some of these are included here.

DOI: 10.1016/S0950-5849(98)00106-2

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