Evaluating the outcomes of AIDS education.

  title={Evaluating the outcomes of AIDS education.},
  author={Ronny Antonio Bell and Theodore B. Feldmann and Scott Grissom and Frances E. Purifoy and Judith J. Stephenson and H Deines and Richard L. Frierson and Alexandra E. Gould and Louise Dillingham Hunt and J. Hyde},
  journal={AIDS education and prevention : official publication of the International Society for AIDS Education},
  volume={2 1},
AIDS provides a unique challenge to health educators, requiring continuous evaluation and modification of educational strategies. Pretest and posttest questionnaires were thus used to assess the outcomes of AIDS training sessions. Results show that hour-long sessions result in knowledge acquisition and increased confidence among a demographically representative sample of 3,966 U.S. trainees. Results also reveal the dynamic nature of a training session, with some trainees exhibiting learning and… CONTINUE READING