Evaluating the impact of office automation on top management communication

  title={Evaluating the impact of office automation on top management communication},
  author={James H. Carlisle},
  booktitle={AFIPS '76},
This paper is concerned with the impact of new communication technologies on the effectiveness of top management decisionmakers. Word processing technology is only the beginning of a revolution in office automation and managerial communication which will include teleconferencing, electronic mail, and wide availability of personal computer-based systems. The potential problems and benefits must be considered in the context of the overall communication system and management needs of an… 

Information systems management through office automation: an organizational and social perspective

This paper will attempt to show how information systems control could be taken over by managers through office automation, and provides a practical framework to tackle implementation issues taking into account some critical constraints generated by office automation systems.

The impact of office automation on the organization: some implications for research and practice

This paper presents a descriptive model and propositions concerning the potential impacts of office automation on the organization and it stresses the need, when implementing automated office systems, to take a broad perspective of their potential positive and negative effects on the Organization.

New Information Technology and Organizational Culture

This article focuses on changes in individual work patterns, management control, and organizational structure that may occur as a result of implementation of office technology.

The effect of a priori views on the social implications of computing: the case of office automation

It is proposed that these positions on office automation impact are based on a number of a priori views which guide the reporting and beliefs about technological impact: optimism, pessimism, and relativism.

Industrial Internet of Things Implementation Strategies with HCI for SME Adoption

The findings show that the 4 significant adoption items of IIoT implementation strategies are lightweight flexibility, non-monotonous task of new HCI, top management’s real-time decision making, and market opportunity.

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Computer Based Message Systems

The problems associated with the current methods of communication are described and how CBMS attempts to solve these problems and some estimates of the costs of CBMS are presented and potential problems that could slow down the implementation of these systems are presented.


The human-computer interaction technology, design, methodologies and applications are introduced and it is introduced that the combined performance of tasks by humans and machines is concerned.

Developing a Message Interface Architecture for Android Operating Systems

This paper is to provide an overview, analysis and proposed an idea of easy and light of message interface architecture for android operating system, which is most useable mobile operating systems in world.



Management Information Systems: The Challenge to Rationality and Emotionality

If management information systems achieve their designers' highest levels of aspiration, they will tend to create conditions where executives will experience 1 reduction of space of free movement, 2

The Nature of Managerial Work

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Observation Methods for Human Dialogue.

New methods of data collection developed to meet the need for improving man- machine communication are described and how they will be used are told.

Redesigning the Future: A Systems Approach to Societal Problems

This guide Redesigning The Future A Systems Approach To Societal Problems comes in PDF format and other free of charge download and numerous guide selections from fictions to scientific study in any way are presented.

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