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Evaluating the Performance of Unified Power Flow Controller ( UPFC ) On Fault Current Limitation in the Nigrian 330 kv Power System

  title={Evaluating the Performance of Unified Power Flow Controller ( UPFC ) On Fault Current Limitation in the Nigrian 330 kv Power System},
  author={J. M. Aloh and Uche Chinweoke Ogbuefi and Muncho Josephine Mbunwe and Theophilus C. Madueme},
The Performance of Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) on Fault Current Limitation in a 330kV Power Network. The SIMULINK model of the Nigerian 330kV system was developed and the model of the UPFC was developed and integrated into the power system model. Results from simulation carried out showed the versatility of the UPFC in the protective limitation of excessive fault current in the system. Evaluation carried out indicated that the UPFC achieved an effective average of 59.23% fault current… Expand

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