Evaluating the Cost of Atomic Operations on Modern Architectures


Atomic operations (atomics) such as Compare-and-Swap (CAS) or Fetch-and-Add (FAA) are ubiquitous in parallel programming. Yet, performance tradeoffs between these operations and various characteristics of such systems, such as the structure of caches, are unclear and have not been thoroughly analyzed. In this paper we establish an evaluation methodology… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/PACT.2015.24


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@article{Schweizer2015EvaluatingTC, title={Evaluating the Cost of Atomic Operations on Modern Architectures}, author={Hermann Schweizer and Maciej Besta and Torsten Hoefler}, journal={2015 International Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compilation (PACT)}, year={2015}, pages={445-456} }