Evaluating small eye movements in patients with saccadic palsies.

  title={Evaluating small eye movements in patients with saccadic palsies.},
  author={Siobhan Garbutt and Mark R. Harwood and Arun N. Kumar and Yanning H. Han and R. John Leigh},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Slow saccades are an important diagnostic feature of a range of degenerative, metabolic, and genetic diseases of the nervous system. Many affected patients have difficulty initiating saccades, and the movements themselves may be small, making it difficult to make comparisons with control subjects. A large-field optokinetic stimulus may elicit quick phases of nystagmus in patients who cannot initiate voluntary saccades, but these movements may also be small. We show that it is still possible to… CONTINUE READING


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