Evaluating Sigma-Delta Modulated Signals to Develop Fault-Tolerant Circuits


As microelectronics evolves smaller into the nanometric scale, external interferences starts to be harmful to the system expected behavior. As classical systems do not handle adequately faults caused by such sources, new topologies are proposed. Our present work proposes a solution for this problem consisting on the use of sigma-delta modulation in order to obtain a faulttolerance even in presence of multiple faults. This paper provides the mathematical analysis and demonstration to support the proposed approach.

DOI: 10.1109/ETS.2006.19

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@inproceedings{Schler2006EvaluatingSM, title={Evaluating Sigma-Delta Modulated Signals to Develop Fault-Tolerant Circuits}, author={Erik Sch{\"{u}ler and Daniel Scain Farenzena and Luigi Carro}, booktitle={European Test Symposium}, year={2006} }