Evaluating Perceived Quality of B-School Websites

  title={Evaluating Perceived Quality of B-School Websites},
  author={N. Elangovan},
Websites are a window for the world for looking in most of the Information and a gateway for many activities. Websites are not only a necessity but also mandatory for B-Schools. A B-School Website serves as portal to all stakeholders in addition to being an information placeholder. The Websites serves from being an administrative tool to a Learning Management system. The utility and the effectiveness of website depend on the quality of the service it provides to the surfer. A study was… 

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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Website Quality Based on Webqual Approach (Study Case: XYZ University)

The results showed that the variables of usability and services interaction have the significant and positive effect on users’ satisfaction, however, the variable of information quality has no significant effect on user’s satisfaction.

Using Webqual 4.0 and Importance Performance Analysis to Evaluate E-Commerce Website

The existing results from website user can be used as feedback on evaluation and development of Lazada website to be more accommodating to the wishes and in accordance with the expectations of website users.


Measurement on the quality of websites is one of the important aspects that affect performance of organizations or companies starting to implement a web-based service. This paper presents the results

Website Quality Measurement of Higher Education Services Institution Region IV Using Webqual 4.0 Method

In order to accommodate the needs of visitors, this study found the fact that visitors expected website developers to build the website navigate easily, information updated more, implement a comprehensive recommendation system, and more interactive.

Website Quality 4.0 on Admission of New Students (PMB) at Higher Education

This study aims to measure the quality of higher education websites in Bandung using the Webqual 4.0 method based on user ratings of actual perceived quality of expected quality so as to make it


A key component for the quality of knowledge management at a higher education institution is understanding its mechanisms of the organization and dissemination of information. This research evaluates

Evaluating the quality of public administration institutes’ websites in the Arab world

Purpose This study aims to investigate the quality level of the leading three Public Administration Institutes’ (PAIs) websites in the Arab world. Design/methodology/approach A convenient sample

An Analysis and Measurement of Website Quality Using WebQual 4.0 and Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Method (A Case Study of Kemiriamba Village Brebes)

The results of this study suggested the Kemiriamba Village website to immediately make improvements and development in order to become a qualified website towards good governance.

Quality Analysis of Shopee Website by Using Importance Performance Analysis Approach

  • Ai Lili YuliatiC. I. Setiawati
  • Business
    Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Finance (ICEBEF 2018)
  • 2019
The results showed the quality of Shopee websites based on their level of importance and performance in good categories and the gap calculation between the level of expectations and performance.

An Analysis &Measurement ofWebsite Quality Using The WebQual 4.0 And Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) Method (A Case Study Of Jagalempenivillage Brebes)

  • Warjiyono WarjiyonoCorie Mei Hellyana
  • Business
    Proceedings of the Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference On Advance And Scientific Innovation, ICASI 2019, 18 July, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  • 2019
Based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 6/2016 on villages that are obliged to develop village information systems in running e-government towards good governance. In Indonesia,



An Integrative Approach to the Assessment of E-Commerce Quality

The application of a new version of WebQual to Internet bookstores: Amazon, BOL, and the Internet Bookshop is reported on.

Application of the Webqual Instrument to Three Australian B2C Websites: An Exploratory Investigation

Assessing the quality of a Website has received growing attention from academics and practitioners. The objective of this study is to apply the WebQualTM framework developed by Loiacono, Watson and

The Measurement of Electronic Service Quality: Improvements and Application

Based on 204 evaluations of consumers that participated in a laboratory experiment involving two Canadian Web sites in travel and online insurance, NetQual best fits the data and offers the highest explanatory power.

Interactive E-Government: Evaluating the Web Site of the UK Inland Revenue

The results point to specific areas in need of development in the Web site, which are found to be consistent with initiatives launched recently by the Inland Revenue.

WebQual: An Exploration of Web-Site Quality

Work under way to extend and refine the WebQual instrument includes electronic commerce evaluation, where web-site service quality is proposed as a key issue.

The impact of information architecture on academic web site usability

This study assessed the effect of the information architecture of an academic web site: how information is categorised, labelled and presented, and how navigation and access are facilitated.

Measuring Information Systems Service Quality: Concerns on the Use of the SERVQUAL Questionnaire

Findings indicate that SERVQUAL suffers from a number of conceptual and empirical difficulties and that some alternative to difference scores is preferable and should be utilized and caution should be exercised in the interpretation of IS-SERVQUAL difference scores.

SiteQual: an integrated measure of Web site quality

The development and testing of an instrument for obtaining user feedback on the overall quality of B2C electronic commerce Web sites, SITEQUAL, is discussed and the use of Web site quality factors for measurement of consumer expectations and perceptions, determining Web site requirements, and guiding the testing process is suggested.

Quality Evaluation of E-government Website Using Web Diagnostic Tools: Asian Case

  • H. JatiD. D. Dominic
  • Computer Science
    2009 International Conference on Information Management and Engineering
  • 2009
The result of this study confirmed that the E-government websites of Asian are neglecting performance and quality criteria.

User Expectations and Rankings of Quality Factors in Different Web Site Domains

Kano's model of quality was used in an exploratory investigation of customer quality expectations for a specific type of site and the model was extended by treating broader site types/domains, showing that customers' quality expectations change over time.