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Evaluating Noisy Optimisation Algorithms: First Hitting Time is Problematic

  title={Evaluating Noisy Optimisation Algorithms: First Hitting Time is Problematic},
  author={Simon M. M. Lucas and Jialin Liu and Diego P{\'e}rez-Li{\'e}bana},
A key part of any evolutionary algorithm is fitness evaluation. When fitness evaluations are corrupted by noise, as happens in many real-world problems as a consequence of various types of uncertainty, a strategy is needed in order to cope with this. Resampling is one of the most common strategies, whereby each solution is evaluated many times in order to reduce the variance of the fitness estimates. When evaluating the performance of a noisy optimisation algorithm, a key consideration is the… Expand
Efficient noisy optimisation with the multi-sample and sliding window compact genetic algorithms
Two straightforward variations of the compact Genetic Algorithm are introduced, each of which leads to a significant improvement in performance, and evaluated on two noisy test problems to show that in each case they significantly outperform the compact genetic Algorithm, while maintaining the simplicity of the algorithm. Expand


On the Effectiveness of Sampling for Evolutionary Optimization in Noisy Environments
It is shown that sampling can speed up noisy evolutionary optimization exponentially via rigorous running time analysis and can be more effective for noise handling than parent populations and threshold selection, two strategies that have shown to be robust to noise. Expand
Noisy evolutionary optimization algorithms - A comprehensive survey
This paper provides a thorough survey of the present state of the art research on noisy evolutionary algorithms for both single and multi-objective optimization problems by incorporating one or more of the five strategies in traditional evolutionary algorithms. Expand
Analysis of runtime of optimization algorithms for noisy functions over discrete codomains
The application of optimization algorithms to problems over discrete codomains corrupted by additive unbiased noise is considered by repeating the fitness evaluation of the noisy function sufficiently so that, with a fix probability, the function evaluation on the noisy case is identical to the true value. Expand
The N-Tuple bandit evolutionary algorithm for automatic game improvement
Initial results on optimising a Space Battle game variant suggest that the novel N-Tuple Bandit Evolutionary Algorithm offers far more robust results than the Random Mutation Hill Climber and a Biased Mutation variant, which are themselves known to offer competitive performance across a range of problems. Expand
Optimal resampling for the noisy OneMax problem
This paper derives an analytical expression for the running time of the RMHC algorithm with resampling applied to the noisy OneMax problem, and shows both theoretically and empirically that the optimal resampled number increases with the number of dimensions in the search space. Expand
Analysis of the (1+1) EA for a Noisy OneMax
A combination tow and pressure relief valve for use in a hydraulic fluid circuit used in a hydraulically driven wide area lawn mower. The valve includes a cylindrical valve body having a hexagonalExpand
Real-Parameter Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking 2010: presentation of the Noisy Functions
  • Technical Report 2009/21, Research Center PPE, Tech. Rep., 2010.
  • 2009