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Evaluating Development and Production Costs: Tablets Versus Capsules

  title={Evaluating Development and Production Costs: Tablets Versus Capsules},
  author={G. Cole},

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Oral Modified Release Multiple-Unit Particulate Systems: Compressed Pellets, Microparticles and Nanoparticles
This review brings to the forefront key formulation variables that are likely to influence the compaction of coated multiparticulates into sustained-release tablets and focuses on the tabletting of coated drug-loaded pellets, microparticles, and nanoparticles with a designated section on each. Expand
Effect of Four Commonly Used Dissolution Media Surfactants on Pancreatin Proteolytic Activity
It is found that pancreatin exhibits remarkable proteolytic activity in the presence of Tween 80, even at the concentrations as high as 250 times its critical micelle concentration (cmc) in water, whereas, Triton X-100 enhanced the proteolytics activity of pancreatin when added at concentrations above its cmc in water. Expand
Solubility and Pre formulation Studies of Non Micronized Piroxicam SEDDS
Piroxicam is a poorly soluble, highly permeable drug and is characterized by a slow and gradual absorption via the oral route and this causes a delayed onset of therapeutic effect. Thus, plainExpand
Hard gelatin capsules today - and tomorrow


Bioavailability of p-chlorophenoxyisobutyric acid (clofibrinic acid) after repeated doses of its calcium salt to humans
SummaryPlasma concentrations and bioavailability of clofibrinic acid have been estimated under conditions approaching the steady-state during a ten-day period of administration as clofibrate or as aExpand
Drug release from capsules
The Role of Wetting in the Release of Hydrophobic Drugs from Hard Gelatin Capsules. II Deaggregation, Dissolution and Bioavailability in Man,
  • J. Pharm. BeIg
  • 1982
Some factors influencing the in vitro release of phenytoin from formulations
Abstract Usinga stirred flask method the dissolution behaviour of formulations containing sodium phenytoin or phenytoin acid have been compared. In general the release pattern from capsules is moreExpand
Plasma concentrations and bioavailability of clofibric acid from its calcium salt in humans.
The bioavailability of clofibric acid from formulations containing calcium clofibrate along and mixed with calcium carbonate was compared to that from a standard cl ofibrate formulation in a crossover study in 12 human subjects, and all three formulations may be considered bioequivalent. Expand
[Studies on the pharmacokinetic equivalence of pivampicillin base and hydrochloride in capsules and tablets (author's transl)].
The formulation itself seems to be more important for biological equivalence than the ionisation of the drug used in the formulation, as absorption is more rapid from tablets than from capsules. Expand
Some Factors Influencing the in vitro Release of Phenytoin from Formulations , » Int . 3 . Pharmaceut
  • 1975
pH-dependent dissolution rate of nitrofurantoin from commercial suspensions, tablets, and capsules.
The reported existence of a relationship between the dissolution rate of nitrofurantoin from these two dosage forms in simulated gastric fluid and their reported toxicities suggests that the official USP XVII dissolution rate specification for products of this drug should be modified. Expand
Bioavai[abitity of Methaqualone,
  • J. Clin. Pharm
  • 1973