Evaluación del manejo y depuración de activos fijos en el Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado del Cantón Tosagua período 2014.

  title={Evaluaci{\'o}n del manejo y depuraci{\'o}n de activos fijos en el Gobierno Aut{\'o}nomo Descentralizado del Cant{\'o}n Tosagua per{\'i}odo 2014.},
  author={Andrea E. Rodriguez and Berly Katherine Zambrano Zambrano},
The present research was carried out in Tosagua canton with the purpose of evaluating the management and purge of assets in the Decentralized Autonomous Government of Tosagua during 2014, to strengthen the control of these assets. Methods for information collection were used: historical, descriptive, qualitative and quantitative, allowing to carry out the objectives that helped search for information regarding the subject of study. To identify the process an interview was applied to the head of… CONTINUE READING