Evaluación de un programa psicoterapéutico para cuidadores de pacientes con TCA: Estudio piloto

  title={Evaluaci{\'o}n de un programa psicoterap{\'e}utico para cuidadores de pacientes con TCA: Estudio piloto},
  author={Vanessa Pla and Eugenia Mart{\'i}n Moreno and Inmaculada Fuentes Dur{\'a} and Carmen Das{\'i} Viv{\'o}},
The objective of this research is to conduct a pilot study to evaluate a psychotherapeutic program for caregivers of patients diagnosed with  eating behavior disorder. The program has been applied to 13 caregivers, all relatives of patients, and is composed of 12 sessions grouped in three  blocks. The study is developed over a whole year, because the assessment  of caregivers and patients is performed before intervention, at the end of this and follow-up evaluation at 6 months. The results of… CONTINUE READING