Evaluación de la capacidad de microorganismos edáficos para degradar pesticidas (lorsban 480)

  title={Evaluaci{\'o}n de la capacidad de microorganismos ed{\'a}ficos para degradar pesticidas (lorsban 480)},
  author={Valdiviezo Vilema and Valerie Arabel},
Ecuador is one of the countries with the largest export of broccoli in the world, mainly the province of Cotopaxi grows around 68 percent for export, and although it generates huge resources for the national economy and jobs, the increase in production has effects on the soil, due to the massive amount of pesticides. Pesticide residues tend to accumulate in soils, generating a blockage in the biochemical processes of the soil and inhibiting the growth of beneficial microorganisms, this is one… CONTINUE READING