Euthanasia by CO₂ inhalation affects potassium levels in mice.

  title={Euthanasia by CO₂ inhalation affects potassium levels in mice.},
  author={Ryan P Traslavina and Edward J. King and Andrew S Loar and Elyn R. Riedel and Michael Garvey and Rodolfo Ricart-Arbona and Felix R Wolf and Suzana S. Couto},
  journal={Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science : JAALAS},
  volume={49 3},
We and others frequently have noted serum potassium levels of 8.0 +/- 0.85 mEq/L or greater in laboratory mice; this concentration has even been published as the upper limit of a 'normal' reference range. However, if bone fide, this potassium concentration would be incompatible with life in all species. We investigated conditions frequently encountered in the research setting to distinguish artifactual from true hyperkalemia. Variables evaluated included site of collection, time allowed for… CONTINUE READING