Euthanasia: Another Face of Murder

  title={Euthanasia: Another Face of Murder},
  author={Oluyemisi Bamgbose},
  journal={International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology},
  pages={111 - 121}
  • O. Bamgbose
  • Published 1 February 2004
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
Debate over euthanasia is not a recent phenomenon. Over the years, public opinion, decisions of courts, and legal and medical approaches to the issue of euthanasia has been conflicting. The connection between murder and euthanasia has been attempted in a few debates. Although it is widely accepted that murder is a crime, a clearly defined stand has not been taken on euthanasia. This article considers euthanasia from the medical, legal, and global perspectives and discusses the crime of murder… 

Euthanasia: a review on worldwide legal status and public opinion

The moral and ethical justifiability of euthanasia has been a highly contentious issue. It is a complex concept that has been highly discussed by scholars all around the world for decades. Debates

Euthanasia: Socio-Medical and Legal Perspective

Globally, the controversy on euthanasia traverses public opinion, decisions of courts, socio-medical and even legal discourse. In view of this, this paper considers, not only the general conceptual

Euthanasia among the Idu Mishmis of Arunachal Pradesh : Understanding Issues and Concerns of a Frontier Tribe

In the present paper, the authors bring an account of the historical and cultural aspects of euthanasia as existed among the Idu Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. It addresses the practical issue of

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Physicians have a duty to eliminate pain and suffering, not the person with the pain andsuffering, and should not include changing medical practice to allow PAS-E.

Assessing the Attitudes of Hospitalized Patient Family toward Euthanasia

Euthanasia or planned ending to the patient’s life by some medical means is a challenging issue of medical ethics and more in depth ethical, religious and legal debates seem to be required to make people more capable of decision making in this regard.

Trends in acceptance of euthanasia among the general public in 12 European countries (1981-1999).

An increase of euthanasia acceptance among the general public took place over the last two decades in almost all West European countries, possibly indicating a growing support for personal autonomy regarding medical end-of-life decisions.

Evaluation of the Perspectives of Shiite Sect of Islam and the Modern Medical Ethics Regarding Euthanasia

The perspectives of the shiite sect of Islam regarding euthanasia, physician assisted suicide and mercy killing are discussed, which have become controversial issues in the medical profession.

Motivations and Mechanisms of End-Of-Life Issues: the Reflections on theRight to, and not to die among Yoruba, Nigeria

It was suggested that euthanasia must be viewed critically in society by society context to bring about policy with national outlook on end-of-life care.

Euthanasia, Female Genital Mutilation, Children with Disabilities: A Review on Societal Issues and Their Scientific Implications

  • G. O. Ankeli
  • Medicine
    Archives of Current Research International
  • 2019
Three societal problems were identified which are; Euthanasia, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Children with Disabilities (CWDs), their causes, effects and scientific solutions were proffered.



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting, and Intent

In his 1941 State of the Union message President Franklin Roosevelt called for the protection worldwide of four essential freedoms: "the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of worship, the

The proper and improper concerns of medical law and ethics.

  • W. Curran
  • Medicine
    The New England journal of medicine
  • 1976
On my return from a sabbatical year in the proper and orderly Swiss canton of Geneva, I find American physicians as beleaguered as ever with problems in law and ethics. The malpractice crisis seems...


American Convention on Human Rights.

Physician assisted suicide outside the U.S

  • Carrington and Payne 449. See also 172 England Report R. v. Wilson
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The legal effect of request by the terminally ill and aged not to receive further

  • 1976

International Criminal Law

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