Eustachian tube function in children.


Eustachian tube function of children with bilateral serous otitis media was studied in 14 ears following myringotomy and pressure equalizing tube insertion. Cases with non-Eustachian tube pathology potentially contributing to Eustachian tube dysfunction were excluded from the study. Eustachian tube function was evaluated utilizing an impedance audiometer to document neutralization of positive and negative middle ear pressures. All cases showed persistent tubal dysfunction for up to six months. Partial incomplete neutralization of positive pressure occurred in 64 per cent, but in no case could negative pressure be partially neutralized even when "locking" was relieved with valsalva. Continuous ventilation of the middle ear for up to six months did not allow a return to normal Eustachian tube function. This is extremely effective palliation, and should be recognized as such.

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