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European road users' risk perception and mobility : the SARTRE 4 survey

  title={European road users' risk perception and mobility : the SARTRE 4 survey},
  author={D. Antov and A. Banet and C{\'e}cile Barbier and T. Bellet and Y. Bimpeh and A. Boulanger and C. Brandst{\"a}tter and Virpi Britschgi and Michael Brosnan and I. Buttler and J. Cestac and Saskia de Craen and Patrice Delhomme and Ebru Dogan and E. Dr{\'a}pela and S. Forward and Richard Freeman and G. Furian and Mikl{\'o}s G{\'a}bor and C. Goldenbeld and P. Henriksson and H. Holte and Sami Kra{\"i}em and E. Papadimitriou and A. Podlesek and M. Poli{\vc} and F. S{\'a}nchez-Mart{\'i}n and G. Sardi and Eike-Andreas Schmidt and P. Silverans and Tamas Siska and P. Skl{\'a}dan{\'a} and A. Theofilatos and Ariande Von Below and G. Yannis and D. Zaidel and N. Zavrides},
The SARTRE (Social Attitudes to Road Traffic Risk in Europe) project started in 1991. It consists of a European wide survey about knowledge of road traffic laws and road traffic risks, attitudes re ... 
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Motorcycle riding under the influence of alcohol: results from the SARTRE-4 survey.
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