European nutrition and health report 2004.

  title={European nutrition and health report 2004.},
  author={Ibrahim Elmadfa and Elisabeth Weichselbaum and J O Koenig and Remaut de Winter A-M and Ellen Trolle and Ilmari Haapala and Ulla Uusitalo and L Mennen and Serge Hercberg and Gunther Wolfram and Antonia Trichopoulou and Ada Naska and V Benetou and E Kritsellis and Imre Rodler and G Zajk{\'a}s and Francesco Branca and P D'Acapito and K I Klepp and A Ali-Madar and Maria Daniel Vaz de Almeida and Emilaura Alves and Sara Rodrigues and L Sarra-Majem and Blanca Rom{\'a}n and Michael Sj{\"o}str{\"o}m and Eric Poortvliet and Barrie Margetts},
  journal={Forum of nutrition},
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