European liberal democracy and the principle of state religious neutrality

  title={European liberal democracy and the principle of state religious neutrality},
  author={John T. S. Madeley},
  journal={West European Politics},
  pages={1 - 22}
  • J. Madeley
  • Published 1 January 2003
  • Philosophy
  • West European Politics
Three models of church-state relations in contemporary Russia
This article looks at state‑religion relations in Russia at two levels: legal and political. After an introductory overview of the develop‑ ment of religious freedom legislation in Russia since the
Governing Islam in Plural Societies: Religious Freedom, State Neutrality and Traditional Heritage
Abstract Post-Communist openings constituted the ideal foci for reimagining the relationship between the state and religion. Specifically, new opportunities were created to balance between rules of
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This study examines the extent of separation of religion and state (SRAS) between 1990 and 2002 in 152 states using the Religion and State database. The results show that when using a strict
El budismo y su papel en la legitimidad de los sistemas políticos y en sus procesos de cambio: Los casos de Bután y Tailandia
Aunque la teoría política siempre se ha interesado por el papel de la religión en la política, pocos investigadores se han ocupado, concretamente, del papel e influencia del budismo en los sistemas
This paper based on the literature review discussion on secularism models, aims to categorize Turkish model during the republican era. Since secularism is an ambiguous term, this study first aims to
Intersections between Biopolitics and Religion: Cases of Politicisation of Religion in Finland and Norway
  • L. Eriksson
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Nordic Journal of Religion and Society
  • 2019
This article comparatively studies intersections between biopolitics and religion in Finnish and Norwegian parliamentary debates on assisted reproductive technologies and biotechnology. In both
Religious education legislation in an atheist state: towards a typology and policy analysis for contemporary China
ABSTRACT The rule of law presents a new path for understanding and handling religious affairs in contemporary China. The field of religious education is no exception and current legislation has to be
A Holy Alliance between the Catholic Church and Constitution-Makers? The Diffusion of the Clause of Cooperation in Third Wave Democracies
Abstract What explains the adoption of the regime of cooperation between church and the state in the democratic constitutions of Spain and Poland, while Portugal maintained a regime of strict
구미 근현대헌법상 종교와 정치의 관계의 변천* - 형식적 政敎分離에서 政敎互容의 시대로 -
본고는 대한민국헌법 제20조 제2항 소정의 정교분리의 원칙을 어떻게 해석해야 하는지에 관한 문제를 구미 근현대헌법상 종교와 정치의 관계가 어떻게 변천해 왔는지를 살펴봄으로써 그 헌법해석에 대한 참조를 얻고자 하는 것을 목표로 한다. 우선 1770년대부터 구미 근대헌법상 종교와 정치 간의관계를 규율한 것은 토마스 제퍼슨 식의 엄격한 형식주의적


Russian Messianism: Third Rome, Holy Revolution, Communism and After (London
  • 2000
The ideal of the neutral state
The Conversion of Europe: From Paganism to Christianity, 371-1386 AD
The story of how Europe was converted to Christianity from 300AD to the capitulation of the Lithuanians as late as 1386 investigating the activists who were involved in the missionary efforts; how
How Not to Defend Liberal Institutions
  • B. Barry
  • Philosophy, Law
    British Journal of Political Science
  • 1990
Liberal institutions (freedom of speech and religious worship, for example) will naturally be supported by liberals – that is to say, those with a liberal outlook. But what arguments can be addressed
The construction of nationhood : ethnicity, religion and nationalism
Preface 1. The nation and nationalism 2. England as prototype 3. England's western neighbours 4. Western Europe 5. The south Slavs 6. Some African case studies 7. Ethnicity further considered 8.
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General Preface to "What is Europe?" Introduction 1: Europe to 1914: The making of an idea 2: Europe 1914-1945: the nation supreme 3: Europe since 1945: crisis to renewal
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The State and Religion: An Exploratory Comparison in Different Cultures
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  • Sociology
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1958
This paper is intended merely to frame certain hypotheses and present some comparisons and contrasts which may stimulate discussion.
Questioning the Secular State: The Worldwide Resurgence of Religion in Politics
I boken behandlas relationen mellan religion och stat i olika lander i (1) Amerika och Europa, (2) Afrika och (3) Asien. Sarskilt fokuseras de politiska effekterna av de s k fundamentalistiska