European guidelines for quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis: overview and introduction to the full supplement publication.

  title={European guidelines for quality assurance in colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis: overview and introduction to the full supplement publication.},
  author={Lawrence von Karsa and Julietta Patnick and Nereo Segnan and Wendy S. Atkin and Simon Halloran and Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar and Nea Malila and Silvia Minozzi and Stephen. Moss and Philip Quirke and Robert J. C. Steele and Michael Vieth and Lars Aabakken and Lutz Altenhofen and Rosemary Ancelle-Park and Nata{\vs}a Antoljak and Angela Anttila and Paola Armaroli and Silvina Arrossi and Joan Austoker and Rita Banzi and Cristina Bellisario and Joleen Blom and Harvey Brenner and Michael Bretthauer and M Camargo Cancela and Guido Costamagna and Jack Cuzick and Mingzhen Dai and Jo Sias Daniel and Evelien Dekker and Nicholas Delicata and Simon Ducarroz and H Erfkamp and Josep Alfons Espin{\'a}s and J Faivre and Lynn Faulds Wood and Anath Flugelman and Snjezana Frkovi{\'c}-Grazio and Brian Geller and Livia Giordano and Giuliano Grazzini and Jamison Green and Chisato Hamashima and Christian Herrmann and Paul Hewitson and Gary Hoff and Iben Holten and Rodrigo Jover and Michal Filip Kaminski and Ernst J Kuipers and Juozas Kurtinaitis and Robyn Lambert and Guy D. Launoy and Woolton Lee and Roger J. Leicester and Mārcis Leja and David Lieberman and T A Lignini and Eleanor Lucas and Elsebeth Lynge and Silvia Madai and Jos{\'e} Marinho and Jo{\vz}ica Mau{\vc}ec Zakotnik and Giorgio Minoli and Courtney Monk and Anabela Morais and Richard Muwonge and Molly Nadel and Luciana Neamtiu and Merc{\`e} Peris Tuser and Michael P Pignone and Christian Peter Pox and Maja Primic-Žakelj and J. Psaila and Linda Rabeneck and David F. Ransohoff and Margit Rasmussen and Jaroslaw Regula and Jin-chan Ren and Gadi Rennert and Jean-François Rey and Robert H. Riddell and Mauro Risio and Vincent Rodrigues and Hiroki Saito and Catherine Sauvaget and Astrid Scharpantgen and W. Schmiegel and Carlo Senore and M Rehan Siddiqi and Dominique Sighoko and R Smith and Susan Smith and Stěp{\'a}n Such{\'a}nek and Eero Suonio and W Tong and S. A. T{\"o}rnberg and Erik Van Cutsem and Luca Vignatelli and Patricia Villain and Lydia Voti and Hiroki Watanabe and Jasmin Watson and Sidney J. Winawer and Gerald Young and V Zaksas and Marco Zappa and Roland M. Valori},
  volume={45 1},
Population-based screening for early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer (CRC) and precursor lesions, using evidence-based methods, can be effective in populations with a significant burden of the disease provided the services are of high quality. Multidisciplinary, evidence-based guidelines for quality assurance in CRC screening and diagnosis have been developed by experts in a project co-financed by the European Union. The 450-page guidelines were published in book format by the… CONTINUE READING
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