European fungal fruiting phenology with climate variability

  title={European fungal fruiting phenology with climate variability},
  author={Carrie Andrew and Einar Heegaard and Hanna Klaus and ILAND and B{\'e}atrice Senn-Irlet and Thomas W. Kuyper and Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber and Paul M. Kirk and Jacob Heilmann-Clausen and Alan C. Gange and Simon Egli and Lynne Boddy},
Here we assess the impact of geographically dependent (latitude, longitude, and altitude) changes in bioclimatic (temperature, precipitation, and primary productivity) variability on fungal fruiting phenology across Europe. Two main nutritional guilds of fungi, saprotrophic and ectomycorrhizal, were further separated into spring and autumn fruiters. We used… CONTINUE READING