European Pulsar Timing Array limits on an isotropic stochastic gravitational-wave

  title={European Pulsar Timing Array limits on an isotropic stochastic gravitational-wave},
  author={Lindley Lentati and Stephen R. Taylor and Chiara M. F. Mingarelli and Alberto Sesana and S. A. Sanidas and A. Vecchio and Romina Caballero and Kyung Jin Lee and R. van Haasteren and Stanislav Babak and C. G. Bassa and Patrick Brem and Marta Burgay and David J Champion and I. Cognard and G. Desvignes and Jonathan R. Gair and Lucas Guillemot and Jason Hessels and Gemma H. Janssen and Ramesh Karuppusamy and Michael Kramer and Allan Lassus and Patrick Lazarus and K. Liu and S. Osłowski and Delphine Perrodin and A. Petiteau and Andrea Possenti and Margery Purver and Pablo A. Rosado and Roy Smits and Bart Stappers and G. Theureau and Cinzia Tiburzi and Joris P W Verbiest},
We present new limits on an isotropic stochastic gravitational-wave background (GWB) using a six pulsar data set spanning 18 yr of observations from the 2015 European Pulsar Timing Array data release. Performing a Bayesian analysis, we fit simultaneously for the intrinsic noise parameters for each pulsar, along with common correlated signals including clock, and Solar system ephemeris errors, obtaining a robust 95 per cent upper limit on the dimensionless strain amplitude A of the background of… CONTINUE READING


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