European Processor Initiative

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Monte Cimone: Paving the Road for the First Generation of RISC-V High-Performance Computers
Monte Cimone is described, a fully-operational multi-blade computer prototype and hardware-software test-bed based on U740, a double-precision capable multi-core, 64-bit RISC-V SoC, which demonstrates a remarkable level of software and hardware readiness and maturity.
Adaptable Register File Organization for Vector Processors
An Adaptable Vector Architecture (AVA) is proposed that is designed for short vectors (MVL=16 elements) and is thus area and energy-efficient and has the functionality to reconfigure the MVL, thereby allowing to exploit the benefits of having a longer vector of up to 128 elements microarchitecture when abundant DLP is present.
Performance Evaluation of Attribute-Based Encryption in Automotive Embedded Platform for Secure Software Over-The-Air Update
It is demonstrated that ABE is seamlessly integrable into the state of the art solutions regarding the OTA update by showing that the overhead of the ABE integration in terms of computation time and its storage is negligible w.r.t. the other overheads that are introduced by the Ota process, proving that security can be enhanced with a minimum cost.
Trends in computing technologies and markets: The HEPiX TechWatch WG
This talk will give an overview of general and semiconductor markets, server markets, CPUs and accelerators, memories, storage and networks; it will highlight important areas of uncertainties and risks.