European Portuguese

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Phonetic processing when learning words
Infants have remarkable abilities to learn several languages. However, phonological acquisition in bilingual infants appears to vary depending on the phonetic similarities or differences of their two
Variation and Change in the Rhotics of Brazilian Portuguese
O objetivo desta tese e descrever o status e classe fonologicos dos roticos no portugues brasileiro (PB) falado em Minas Gerais, explorar os fatores que causam mudanca sonora, e discutir a direcao da
A cross-language acoustic study of initial and final allophones of /l/
Rethinking microvariation in Romance demonstrative systems
This article explores the formal and functional organization of Romance demonstrative systems, providing a detailed empirical overview of the vastmicrovariation attested in standard and non-standard
Blowing in the wind: Using ‘North Wind and the Sun’ texts to sample phoneme inventories
Language documentation faces a persistent and pervasive problem: How much material is enough to represent a language fully? How much text would we need to sample the full phoneme inventory of a
The Contributions of Crosslinguistic Influence and Individual Differences to Nonnative Speech Perception
Perception of a nonnative language (L2) is known to be affected by crosslinguistic transfer from a listener’s native language (L1), but the relative importance of L1 transfer vis-a-vis individual
Phonetic documentation in three collections: Topics and evolution
Phonetic aspects of many languages have been documented, though the breadth and focus of such documentation varies substantially. In this survey, phonetic aspects (here called ‘categories’) that are
Basic research in phonology, resources and applications–the case of frequency
E crescente a valorizacao da conversao do conhecimento fundamental desenvolvido pelos cientistas em produtos concretos, socialmente relevantes. No Laboratorio de Fonetica da Universidade de Lisboa
Deriving manner of articulation classes from phoneme co-occurrence frequencies
It is shown that distance measures based on phoneme co-occurrence frequencies group abstract manner of articulation classes that participate in phonological processes in spite of high acoustic and articulatory variability.


Sandhi phenomena in the languages of Europe
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An Essential Course in Modern Portuguese
Word accent and vowel duration in standard Slovene : an acoustic and linguistic investigation
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Portuguese sandhi phenomena
Intonation in European Portuguese
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