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European Islam : challenges for public policy and society

  title={European Islam : challenges for public policy and society},
  author={Samir Amghar and A. Boubekeur and M. Emerson},
This book analyzes the place of the new Muslim minorities in society within the European Union. The authors explore the root causes of rising tensions and conflict between the new immigrant population and native Europeans over issues of Muslim identity, Islamist doctrines, and Islamophobia. They also provide integration models for the various EU countries and discuss the short- and long-range problems caused by socioeconomic discrimination against Muslims. Contributors include Imane Karich… Expand
Integrating European Muslims Through Discourse? Understanding the Development and Limitations of Euro-Islam in Europe
This paper examines the dynamics of the development of Euro-Islam as a discourse which offers a modern interpretation of Islam that fits with European context. It investigates how Europe-wide MuslimExpand
The Limits of European Islam: Turkish Islamic Umbrella Organizations and their Relations with Host Countries—France and Germany
Abstract This article discusses how Turkish Muslim leaders perceive and respond to host-state policies engineered to incorporate Islam into French and German societies. It shows that the TurkishExpand
Innovative Social Work Practices by Islamic Grassroots Organizations in Switzerland
In Switzerland, specific issues related to Muslims have recently emerged in public debates. In addition to the question of radicalization, Muslim migrant populations are affected by social problemsExpand
On the Idea of European Islam Voices of Perpetual Modernity
Bassam Tibi – Political Justifications for Euro-Islam. Islam’s Predicament with Modernity. Cultural Modernity for Religious Reform and Cultural Change: towards Euro –Islam. Tariq Ramadan –Expand
Transnational Influences on Irish Muslim Networks: From Local to Global Perspectives
The formation of Irish Muslim organizational structures has gradually been taking place for nearly 60 years. External factors, including international politics, have driven this process and shapedExpand
An Evaluation of the Intensity of Radical Islam in the Balkans and the Assessment of Its Level of Threat for European Security
Abstract : In the past two decades, Radical Islam rooted in Europe has become an obvious security threat. While Islam arrived in Western Europe with the wave of immigration from African and AsianExpand
Islamophobia & Europhobia: Subaltern Discourse & Its Limits
This essay examines resistance to Islamophobia in the form of Europhobia produced by Islamists in Europe. By “Europhobia” I mean essentializing and distorting depictions of Europe (and the West) asExpand
From Irish Exceptionalism to European Normality?: The New Islamic Presence in the Republic of Ireland
Due to its colonial past, Ireland has often been described as an exceptional state in Western Europe. The discourse of Irish exceptionalism also suggests a smoother path of integration for MuslimExpand
Headscarf Regimes in Europe: Diversity Policies at the Intersection of Gender, Culture and Religion
The headscarf issue became an arena of heated controversies over the politics of integration and religious and cultural differences since the mid-1980s. Most interestingly, these struggles are deeplyExpand
This dissertation explores how Spanish Moroccans are negotiating their identities in post 3-11 Madrid. In doing so, I explore and capture the lived discourses that reveal the underlying processesExpand


Le salafisme en Europe: La mouvance polymorphe d'une radicalisation
Les courants salafistes, vecteurs privilegies de la reislamisation en Europe, concurrencent desormais les structures plus anciennement implantees. Il s’agit d’une mouvance composite, au sein deExpand