Europe Through Indian Eyes: Indian Soldiers Encounter England and France, 1914–1918

  title={Europe Through Indian Eyes: Indian Soldiers Encounter England and France, 1914–1918},
  author={David E. Omissi},
  journal={The English Historical Review},
Martialing the Sikh Soldier During the First World War
Sikhism and warfare have been inexorably linked throughout history. As Singh and Madra note, ‘Five hundred years ago, this land (Punjab) of conquest serial subjugation was the crucible from which
  • 2017
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‘Germany Has Become Mohammedan’: Insurgency, Long-Distance Travel, and the Singapore Mutiny, 1915
Abstract The mutiny that took place in Singapore in February 1915 is usually dismissed as a footnote in the history of empire. One reason why it is marginalized is because the mutiny does not conform
From War Grave to Peace Garden: Muslim Soldiers, Militarized Multiculture, and Cultural Heritage
The focus of this article is the renovation and rededication of a WW1 cemetery designated for Indian Muslim soldiers, located in Woking, Surrey. The close involvement of the British Army in this
Europe Through Indian Eyes: Constructions of Foreignness in Indian Soldiers’ Letters
  • Manel Herat
  • Epistolary Constructions of Post-World War I Identity
  • 2021
Turbans vs helmets: The conflict between the mandatory wearing of protective head-gear and the freedom of religious expression
ABSTRACT A number of religions mandate that members of that faith cover their hair and head. Depending on its nature, this head covering can interfere with the design and efficacy of protective head
Sepoy Letters (India) | International Encyclopedia of the First World War (WW1)
Indian soldiers were sent to Europe in 1914, and some of them were to serve there until 1918. Throughout their stay in Europe, Indian soldiers wrote and received letters. Translated excerpts from
‘Unparalleled Opportunities’: The Indian Y.M.C.A.'s Army Work Schemes for Imperial Troops During the Great War (1914–1920)
ABSTRACT The present article aims to contribute to the global history of the First World War and the history of ‘imperial humanitarianism’ by taking stock of the Indian Young Men's Christian
Across the Black Waters
  • Santanu Das
  • 2018